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Our Services

Fledge Media is a full-service communications agency with a focus on conservation, science and the environment.

We help nonprofits, NGOs, sustainable businesses, and people with passion projects to create effective campaigns that get people to do good, take action, and make change. From everyday tasks to national campaigns, we provide a range of services that can be tailored to work for your cause or organisation. 


A good communications strategy is necessary. It will help you to identify your objectives, reach your desired audiences, and meet targets in an effective way. We develop strategies to increase your public profile, encourage engagement, and help you to make change.


We craft effective campaigns that raise awareness for issues and organisations. From developing strategies, to sourcing media coverage and engaging with social media audiences, our campaigns are innovative, inspiring and internationally recognised.

Social Media

Social media can make or break an organisation. Using it well means capturing and maintaining attention for your cause in a highly competitive environment. Failing to use these tools can be a missed opportunity to connect and engage with brand new audiences.


We combine storytelling with science to create compelling and informative content that gets people engaging with your cause or organisation. From writing and editing, to photography and video, we can develop personalised content to meet your needs.


A well-designed website can instantly engage people with your cause, project, or organisation. We create professional and effective websites that are designed to showcase your brand and allow people to quickly discover all the information they need.



We develop unique branding that will give your work its own identity and reputation. From designing a logo, to building a voice, or incorporating fonts and colours, it’s all necessary for ensuring people will instantly recognise who you are and what you represent.