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The Big Day Birdathon

We built a website for the Big Day Birdathon. This competition was all about getting New Zealanders outside and into nature by encouraging people to count as many different bird species as they could in just 24 hours.

With people rushing around New Zealand trying to count as many birds as they could in 24 hours, we needed to provide quick and easy access to information for people on-the-go.  We created a searchable checklist of bird species to show which birds could be counted during the event. This was simple, elegant, and (most importantly) mobile responsive, meaning it could be accessed on any device.


Trying to break a record for the most birds seen in one region was a big part of this event.  We wanted to make it easy for participants to set a goal. So we created an interactive map with details about each record-holder, including who held the current record and how many birds they had seen.